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3 Reasons Your Dog Chews and How to Stop It

Anyone who has had a puppy knows the pain of losing something they valued because of chewing. And, chewing isn’t limited to just puppyhood- for some dog owners, they live with ongoing chewing, and it is one of the biggest complaints I receive as a dog trainer....

How to Choose a Dog Trainer

How to choose a dog trainer for your puppy or rescue can be tricky. There are lots of philosophies out there and you may not even know what methods are being used to know what you agree with or not. Here are the tips I suggest for how to choose a dog trainer to best...

3 ways to save money on vet care

As a pet owner, I have had my fair share of vet visits. Especially with 6 dogs (at one time) and a cat. Out of necessity, I have discovered ways to save money on veterinary visits and wanted to share them with you, as it is never ok to NOT provide medical care....
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Canine Behavioral Specialists

Achieving balance between humans and their canine counterparts through a pack-oriented philosophy.