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Pet Loss Recovery

Hello, my name is Crystal Givens and I am an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. I met Jill last year after we rescued Scout, a beautiful black lab. Jill’s training has made all the difference. Because of her expertise, we now have a well-trained dog instead of a wild and out of control one. Thank you Jill!

I want to let pet owners know about a program that I teach and am very passionate about. It is called “The Grief Recovery Pet Loss Support Group.” It is a 6-week program, (taught online or in person) that is designed to help pet owners effectively recover from a painful pet loss.

This program was created by the Grief Recovery Institute, an organization specializing in helping people with grief issues by using the Grief Recovery Method. In addition to their other grief programs, the Institute specifically created a Pet Loss Program for grieving pet owners.

It was devastating for me and my family when our lab, Zeus Maximus Givens, died from cancer. The loss of a pet is truly a grieving experience. Zeus completed our family. He was my companion and confidant, and also the best Grief Recovery Support dog ever! He instinctively knew when my clients needed comfort and would lay at or on their feet. He was like a son to me. If it wasn’t for the Pet Loss Program, I would have been so lost and stuck in my pain and we definitely would not have been able to rescue Scout.

If you know of someone who is struggling from the loss of their pet and/or if this applies to you, I would love to help! Please contact me at 719-641-6959 or email: crystal@ebbandflowcos.com.

Scout - rescue dog trained by Jill Haffley


Zeus - beloved family pet who died of cancer


719-896-0362 dogtrn07@msn.com

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