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“Jill is the most patient, confident, and successful trainer I have ever met. I can see that she really cares for each pet that comes to her. To this day, when my dog needs a brush-up on behavior, all she has to do is see Jill and she is right back on track.”
-Janet McGowan

“Jill is invaluable to 4 Paws Rescue. She is always available to help us fix the “problem issues” some of our fosters come with, and there is no challenge too big for her. If you listen and follow Jill’s process, you will have a balanced dog in no time! Every story is a success story. Failure is not an option for this trainer! ”
-Nicole T with 4 Paws Rescue

“I am the proud owner of 7 dogs who charge the front door when the door bell rings. Jill came to my house for a training session and within 15 minutes she had all 7 dogs backing away from the door at the sound of the bell. It was quite amazing and she is quite the trainer! I then enrolled my out of control French Bulldog in Jill’s obedience class. Her skills were invaluable and her techniques were positive and effective. I had doubts about my dog being able to learn the basic commands but she did! I would highly recommend Jill as a trainer for any breed of dog and any type of problem.”
-Kim Lehmann

719-896-0362 dogtrn07@msn.com

Canine Behavioral Specialists and Dog Training

Achieving balance between humans and their canine counterparts through a pack-oriented philosophy.