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Do You Use a Shock Collar?

I get questions all the time about the collars I use in my dog training, mostly: “Do you use a shock collar?” “Do you use a choke chain?” I’m glad I am asked that, and I am glad to answer. More recently I had a woman ask about the shock collar because she had visited...

Canine Behavior: Signs and Symptoms That Your Dog Is In Pain

Is your dog hurting? When people are in pain, it’s pretty hard to miss it. We complain about our aching back. We yell out because we’ve stepped on something pointy. We limp because it hurts to put pressure on a leg. We lay down in the middle of the day in complete...

How To Stop Dogs from Eating Poop

Eating poop is normal with many different animal species, but in dogs it is likely attributed to either a behavioral or medical concern. For more on why a dog might eat poop, check out this blog. While dogs who eat poop is a problem we all hate and find disgusting,...
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