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How do I stop my dog from marking?

Marking complaints are among the top concerns I hear as a dog trainer. Owners don’t understand why it is happening, especially when their dog is housebroken. But there is more to it than that. Check out a previous blog on why dogs mark, and then read below to...

Do You Use a Shock Collar?

I get questions all the time about the collars I use in my dog training, mostly: “Do you use a shock collar?” “Do you use a choke chain?” I’m glad I am asked that, and I am glad to answer. More recently I had a woman ask about the shock collar because she had visited...

3 Reasons Your Dog Chews and How to Stop It

Anyone who has had a puppy knows the pain of losing something they valued because of chewing. And, chewing isn’t limited to just puppyhood- for some dog owners, they live with ongoing chewing, and it is one of the biggest complaints I receive as a dog trainer....
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Canine Behavioral Specialists and Dog Training

Achieving balance between humans and their canine counterparts through a pack-oriented philosophy.