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Dog Obedience Classes Colorado Springs

Classes are 1 hour in length and are 5 Saturday’s in a row.

  • Refinement of All Commands Such as Sit, Stay, Heel, Down & Come
  • More Distractions are added and there is a Focus on Finishing
  • A Big Focus on Off-Leash Components

We’ll be fine tuning everything we learned in the beginner’s class, plus all new things, as well. Much of this class is done off-leash. We’ll learn sit from a distance, sit on recall, recall behind the back, dog-to-dog and owner-to-dog promenade, waliking down, and recall from a distance. Plus, we’ll continue to address understanding why your dog is doing what he’s doing. Classes run for 6 weeks, 45 minutes-1 hour each week. Come ready to work and have fun! Cost is $175.

You will need to bring:

6′ nylon or leather leash

A collar of your choosing


We will be adding to this list as we go, so each week you’ll be bringing additional items like a tennis ball, frisbee, food, a 15′-30′ lead, and other fun items.

Questions? Just give me a call!

Do you want Private Lessons in Your Home?

Visits are about an hour depending on the issue(s).
Please call or email us if you would like more information!

719-896-0362 dogtrn07@msn.com

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