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Leash training is different for every dog. Some will be frozen in fear, others will try to bite at the leash, and still others will trot along like they know exactly what it is that is expected of them.

The most important things to remember are to have patience, calmness, confidence, and to take it at the pace and temperament of the dog. Before you do anything, take a deep breath to calm and clear yourself.

It is important to understand that cornering your dog to catch him when it’s time to “go out” will terrify him. Then, in fear, the dog will sometimes growl or snap, which can rapidly devolve into a real crisis. Leash training a dog will offer him confidence.

How to leash train your dog

  1. Show your dog the leash and then place it on the floor.

Give him a chance to investigate it. Put a few treats on the leash so he associates positivity with it Reward him each time he sniff at it with curiosity.

  1. Use the leash to pet the dog.

The dog will see the leash as an extension of your arm/hand. Hold the slip leash so that a big loop is visible to you, then stick your hand through with a treat for the dog. Engage his nose. As he comes for the treat, gently move the leash over his head with the other hand. Then, without tightening it, slide it off. Repeat this so the dog learns there is no threat in the leash.

  1. Attach a slip leash to the dog while he is occupied.

Once you get the leash around the neck, gently pull up the slack and allow it to tighten. Let the dog drag it freely. Periodically, pick up the leash, hold it, and then drop it. Offer a reward. This teaches that the leash is a positive experience. DO NOT TALK TO THE DOG. This will just upset the dog more and create an unnecessary anxiety. Let him get used to the feel.

  1. Coax the dog to follow you.

Take hold of the leash, while holding treats in your other hand. Show your dog the treats and walk across the room with a treat held just in front of your dog’s nose. Avoid tugging on the leash if your dog is nervous. Don’t drag the dog, but give a tug-release.

  1. Take the dog on a walk.

Walk around with your dog on the leash, rewarding him periodically for following you nicely (not pulling or resisting). Don’t yank on the leash if he gets distracted by a smell, instead, call him to your side, coaxing him with a treat, and continue walking around the yard. You might even want to get down on the ground so you can be on his level.

Remember to move at the dog’s pace, not yours and stay calm, yet assertive. Dogs believe you are the leader and they will follow the energy you put out.

If you have more questions about how to leash train your dog, or any dog behavioral concerns, please contact me..

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