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Why Do Dogs Mark?

Why do dogs mark? As a professional dog trainer, I get a lot of calls from people wondering just that because they have male dogs who mark in the house. They usually call after they are beyond frustrated because they can’t get their dog to stop marking on their...

How do I stop my dog from marking?

Marking complaints are among the top concerns I hear as a dog trainer. Owners don’t understand why it is happening, especially when their dog is housebroken. But there is more to it than that. Check out a previous blog on why dogs mark, and then read below to...

Do You Use a Shock Collar?

I get questions all the time about the collars I use in my dog training, mostly: “Do you use a shock collar?” “Do you use a choke chain?” I’m glad I am asked that, and I am glad to answer. More recently I had a woman ask about the shock collar because she had visited...
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